Our Story

Hi, I'm Michelle, founder of Mirablue.

In 2017 I was on holiday in Phuket celebrating my 40th birthday. I was standing on a cliff at overlooking the ocean, admiring the view before me. It was quickly shattered as I watched a trawler come into view and dump its contents of rubbish into the ocean.

 Although sad to see, it sparked me to act . I set about creating a company to inspire, educate and empower people to think more about their single use plastic consumption.

Making simple changes in our daily lives contribute to a lasting and positive impact to our world.


The ocean to me is a sacred place; my place to unwind, stay grounded and recharge. It is not a place for plastic pollution.

I am vert fortunate to live on the South West Coast of Western Australia. A place with a endless pristine coastline.


Mirablue is an extension of my families lifestyle. One that appreciates the world we live in. Together we can and educate our children on a more sustainable, Earth-conscious way forward. Every single one of us, young or old, can make a difference right now.