Reusable veggie bags 5 pack

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Reusable veggie bags 5 pack
Reusable veggie bags 5 pack
Reusable veggie bags 5 pack
Reusable veggie bags 5 pack

Veggie bags - 5 pack 

Cleverly constructed from recycled water bottles, our veggie bags are lightweight and easily fold into a small space, yet tough enough for a variety of uses. Keep them on hand to weigh and carry your fruits and vegetables, then wash and store your produce in the bags at home.

Mirablue’s veggie bags are not just great for your weekly groceries, but are useful for an array of other purposes; use them to strain home-made nut milks; dry your home-grown herbs in them; or use them to weigh and store dry bulk produce from the health food shop. They are semi-transparent, making it easy to see what’s inside.

Outside the kitchen, our veggie bags make great storage for small items such as toiletries when travelling, or grab an extra pack and keep your child’s small toys neatly stored and easily accessible. 


  • 5 bags
  • 30cm x 40cm size
  • Semi-transparent
  • Made from RPET mesh

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Machine wash, line dry.


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